London Wedding Rings: 3 Antique and Vintage Styles to Get to Know

A wedding ring is an abiding symbol of the most important relationship in your life, so if you’re about to purchase one for or with your fiancée, you need to get it right. If you truly want your ring to be unique, chances are you’re already looking into an antique or vintage ring. Unlike the uniform rings that today’s makers produce, antique and vintage wedding rings are often one of a kind. That said, there are different types of antique and vintage rings, and your London wedding rings jewellery service would like to help you to get to know them for a well-informed purchase.

Victorian (1837-1900)

Jewellery from the Victorian times is distinguishable by their elaborate motifs that often include delicate engraving and open filigree. These pieces are also to use more colour than any other period—it’s not unusual to for these to house different coloured metals and stones. The era produced three distinct jewellery types, namely:

     Early Victorian (1837-1855) – nature-inspired designs, often etched in gold

     Mid-Victorian (1856-1880) – as if to coincide with the death of Queen Victoria’s husband, jewellery from this era often featured dark and sombre stones.

     Late Victorian (1885-1900) – characterised by star and crescent designs

Edwardian (1900-1915)

Edwardian jewellery gets its name from King Edward, who assumed the throne upon the death of Queen Victoria. Rings from this era are known to be extravagant in their embellishments than their Victorian counterparts. Diamond centres are a common feature, as the focus was more on the stones and less on settings.

Art Nouveau (1895 – 1915)

Art nouveau pieces exemplify the natural world with undulating forms, romanticised curves, and line styles that look like vines. Filigrees from this era are often hand-forged. From flowers to mythical beings, art nouveau pieces are like a graceful moment frozen in time.

Retro (1945 – 1960)

Retro jewellery is said to borrow heavily from the glamour of Hollywood, with words like bold, vibrant, and large perfectly encapsulating the pieces from this period.

Antique and vintage wedding rings in London

A London jewellery service that deals in bespoke engagement rings and wedding rings, such as Burt and Gurt Jewellery Ltd., will have plenty of antique and vintage wedding rings for you to choose. Make a short list of your preference and prepare some questions—their dealer will be more than happy to assist you.


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