About Us

Burt and Gurt  was founded by Mark and Jaycee in 2012 after dating after 2 years they decided to put their passions together. Why call us Burt and Gurt?  people have asked.

To cut a long story short, the name was developed  at a BBQ  one summers day. Meeting new people and trying to remember all their names, Mark thought it was funny to call everyone Burt - no idea why.  

With their chalk and cheese personalities and witty banter someone from the BBQ decided to call Jaycee 'Gurt' and together 'Burt and Gurt' would be called when entering the room.  Thanks to their lovely friend  Ange for giving them the name it has truly stuck!

Mark and Jaycee got engaged in 2013 and a wedding date was set for April 2015. A new addition to the Burt and Gurt Family in July 2014 was their english bulldog Manuel! - not your typical english name but this is what makes them different!

Mark- jeweller behind all the precious Jewellery you see on the website has always been creative from a young age, turning cereal boxes into a 3D model at the age of 6 to getting a sheet of silver and creating a unique ring that many adore. Mark started his apprenticeship in 1999 after contacting over 30 workshops. Only two replied, one of them being David Marshall, one of Britain’s premier jewellery designers. Mark has trained with some of the best craftsmen in the world and 12 Years later is nowa highly trained craftsmen who has worked with the Finest Jewellery’s you see in high clientelle stores today. Some people say he is the 'Jamie Oliver' of the Jewellery world! 

Jaycee- designer and online stylist for Burt and Gurt studied Fashion and Design in college and won Fashion Designer of the year for Dylon and Barnados in 2002 turning mens shirts into a dip dyed green dress. This won her an internship to work in fashion house in London then after moved on to working for magazines in the fashion department where the role was to be trend aware at all times. Her experience working for  an online fashion retailer, in the 'My Stylist Team' working with clients that needed Fashion advice over the telephone. Her ability to dress someone without actually seeing them in real life was adapted to Jewellery - How? by helping men pick the perfect engagement ring by using the information given.

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